Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cinderella and Dash

Dash completed his Cinderella and the Prince creative movement camp., let's be real; it was a dance camp, but I passed it off with his dad a lot easier by calling it "creative movement." I was so proud and entertained, watching him in class. He totally focused on what the teacher was saying and did everything she asked him to do. I giggled watching him plie' and leap across the dance floor. One day they got to dance with their swords and crowns (wands for the girls), which they had decorated.
They didn't just learn dance movements; they talked a lot about Cinderella, the story behind the ballet. They watched a clip of a performance. They put together a booklet with activity pages they completed, including this page of facial expressions -

and this coloring page he's still working on.
He loved this camp. LOVED IT. He was greatly disappointed that today was the last day.


Ticia said...

It seems like a bunch of us have royalty on the mind, we're starting a fairy tale unit right now.

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

Well, I never would have imagined him doing something like this! It's great he enjoyed it so much. (I won't tell Ryan.)