Monday, August 10, 2009

Last Weekend

Catching up... Friday Night the Jump Zone. They were thrilled, as usual. It's quite a workout for children AND parents. To make it extra special fun, my sister Cary came down to visit this weekend with her 1 year old daughter, newborn son, and dog. She even brought along one of our other nieces, 7 year old Grace. Talk about a great time!
The newest love of my month old(ish) Rush. I held him as much as I could all weekend. He's perfect. And has the coolest name.
I didn't expect little Winnie to catch up with Sissy so quickly. She turned one in April, but they are already able to play and have lots of fun together. This is their fun game of bumping bellies, then giggling and hugging. My sister has more fun pictures and videos of the weekend on her blog.
Got to try out my new dishes when Cary and the kids came over for brunch on Sunday. The square plate was a gift from Ryan's parents for my birthday. (They also got me a cupcake holder, napkins, and money! Happy birthday to me!) I bought the oval dishes at Uma in St. Louis.
After brunch, we went outside to play. We watched Winnie toddle through a path in the woods all on her own, then climb up and sit on the 4 wheeler. Then, she just sat...and I think she would have just sat there quite awhile, pretending like she was driving if we hadn't went to get her.
We had fun making geysers and volcanoes. Grace, who is super smart and loves school, (making her aunt very proud) had questions about how one could learning anything "homeschooling." We tried to give her a little taste of her cousins' lives.
They played out in the sprinklers and with the hoses for quite awhile. They even made a makeshift "pool" out of an old tub that was outside. It was perfect for the little girls.
They made lots of bubbles with dishwashing liquid, leftover from the volcano experiments. I LOVE it when we have family visit.


Anonymous said...

Those oval dishes are the coolest thing ever!!! I have a love for white dishes because food really stands out and looks so colorful on them. I might have to get some of those. You just always have the best ideas Jenny!

Anonymous said...

Oops, forgot to tell you it was Pam making that comment.

The Davidson Den said...

LOVE,LOVE those oval dishes!!