Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lake Valencia

One day last week, the kids and I enjoyed an afternoon at Lake Valencia. I didn't even know that was the name of it until I just now looked it up. (I always just call it "that lake in Maumelle.") Rather, it took me 10 minutes to figure it out, and Ryan remarked, "Are you still trying to figure out the name of that lake? You are such a newspaper person." It's true. My sister Cary would have just made up a name for it.
It's really pretty, and the kids love walking around the boardwalk path. They love playing in this green thing. To them, it's totally worth the 15-20 minute drive JUST to play in this, even if there was nothing else. They like for me to play "monster" and "get them," popping in the different holes, growling, and grabbing them.
(I don't know why he looks so dark in this picture when I post it here. I'm trying to fix it.)
The library in Maumelle is right on this lake so we spent some time in there, reading and checking out books. We ate our little lunch outside on a bench.And we saved some food for the geese, too. These were some well-fed geese. No white bread crumbs from us. No, sir. They got all organic green puffs. And crumbs of grainy/seedy bread with a little fruit spread and nut butter. (I think technically there are reasons not to feed wild geese and ducks, but I don't know that these qualify as such.) Dash did not want to leave the geese. As we walked away, he stopped and just stared at them until I finally said we HAD to leave. Fun day!

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The Davidson Den said...

Huh. They've really made it nice out there. The last time we were at that library was several years ago for a birthday party and they were doing construction all around it. Looks good now, though! I think I'd enjoy that weird green thing, too!