Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fit Kids Camp

Tornado recently had the opportunity to attend Fit Kids Camp, a one day camp for kids with any kind of special need. Tornado has had delays (caused by his chromosome abnormality), which are becoming very minimal, requiring speech, OT, and PT. He also has sensory integration issues, which is really our biggest "need." Not all of these things are obvious upon first sight, and he's such a bright, well-behaved, smart, happy kid that it really doesn't always affect his life in tremendous ways, would be really hard for him to attend a normal summer camp/day camp. For example, he went to VBS this summer, for the first time without me...I'm just really grateful that there happened to be an OT there (and my good friend who was able to keep me informed about the situation), who recognized how overwhelmed he was feeling and was able to redirect him to become her "helper" in the crafts room during the big, loud sanctuary times. (Normally, I might have been called to pick him up.) Which is why we are SO grateful to Therapy 4 Kids, for doing this. I don't really like to talk about all of this very much, because I sort of see it as Tornado's "personal business," and I wouldn't want anyone to misinterpret what a smart, fun, otherwise normal kid he is. But to exclude it entirely would be disingenuous to what our lives and family are like.

They only charged $10 a kid. Which included a t-shirt, a tote full of goodies, meals and snacks, a magician/clown, crafts, and activities in great facilities (the new Hendrix Athletic Center). They could have charged a lot more; I mean, clearly they weren't in this to make money. They did it for these kids, which makes my eyes fill up with tears just thinking about it.
He had a really fun day. He said he enjoyed playing Follow the Leader outside. They got to do walking activities outside, dancing and exercise inside, swimming in the pool and other water activities, and they even got to try out the big climbing wall. I'm really grateful for everyone who volunteered to help the kids have an involved day. Today in the mail, we got a card with a picture he had drawn for us that day.The parents were invited to come watch a slide show/award presentation. For some reason (sensory integration reasons...he can't always process what he's feeling, and he gets overwhelmed), he was very upset for us to be in there, and we had to hide around a corner so he couldn't see us (but we could still see everything) during the whole presentation. Here is he, showing off his medal, certificate, and art project. I am crazy about this kid.


Lori at The Davidson Den said...

Aw, that sweet boy. We ALL love him so!! And YOU are such a great mom to him!

Cary said...

Love all those faces--pure happiness! I might need him to give me some pointers on how to be fit. Especially after bathing suit shopping. What will he recommend?

Jenny said...

"Just exercise...that's how she gets in shape." That's Tornado's advice to you. Specifically, he says, "Jumping jacks and running in place." I can't wait to see that.