Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bowling Fun and Product Review

We culminated our weekend activities (more blogging on that tomorrow) with a trip to the bowling alley with Ryan's parents and our sister-in-law and niece. The boys love, love going bowling. I'd probably love bowling, too, if I got to use bumpers and the ball roller thing. Okay, I'm just being a sore loser because I got the lowest score.
Here's Dash, in the middle of one of his victory dances. The big surprise of the day was just how good Grandma and Grandpa are at bowling. It was strike after strike. Who knew.
I took so many pictures of Sissy posing and entertaining herself, sitting on the little step up to the lanes. She helped the boys polish off the three bags of peanut butter crackers and carried the empty bags around with her the rest of the time.
The four of us (minus Dad...he really needs to start taking chances when he gets them) all took naps when we got home. The kids slept about three hours. They apparently had some catching up to do. Hopefully, the boys will be rested up for their looming dentist appointments tomorrow. Argh...I don't even want to think about that. Anyway, the kids have had lots to do tonight, playing with new Christmas gifts. They all three got into the bag of Magic Nuudles, a gift from Uncle Jeff and Aunt Kristi. Tornado and I had gotten these once a long time ago and had really enjoyed them. I had always meant to buy them again so we were very pleased to receive this gift. They are biodegradable building blocks made of cornstarch. You press a moistened Nuudle against a dry noodle, and they instantly become glued together. They made forks, rafts, spaceships, letters, and even an anteater. Tornado just told me to tell you that "Sissy destroyed Dash's spaceship, and he had to use the bottom part and build another one." We highly recommend Magic Nuudles. You heard it here.

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