Tuesday, January 27, 2009

School Day

We've come a long way in the past 6 months to a year...Sissy and Dash are "growing up," and we are able to get more done in the way of school and housework. They are all three focusing on their own workbook pages here. Dash whizzed through this I Can Learn with Pooh: Early Skills workbook in two sittings. He likes to trace shapes and letters. Wearing his Spiderman costume, nonetheless. Tornado is continuing to work in his phonics workbooks. We began a United States study this week, and I'm really excited about many of the activities I've got planned.
It's been so much fun with Sissy learning to talk. Her favorite word right now is "boys." She got this from me calling, "Boys!" whenever I need them. Now, all the time, when she's looking for them, she calls out, "Boys!" as her little ten inch legs go padding through the house. She says it very clear. Another adorable thing she does is say "bye" every time she leaves my side. She'll stand there, wave at me, and say "bye" - it's a big production - until I say "bye!" back to her. She's so used to being glued to my hip, in my lap, next to my legs, etc. that I think she thinks I'm going to miss her if she leaves my sight for a few minutes. She's also very quick to bury her face against my leg and say, "Sorry," when I've disciplined her in the slightest. She's started getting some sentences down. She says, "I want some," or "I want this (or that)." I love it.

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