Saturday, December 27, 2008

I'll Be Home For Christmas

I got my pictures back from my parents' family Christmas. Here is the large mound of presents and stockings before we got started opening. I enjoy this picture because I was begging in a high-pitched voice for everyone to smile for the camera, but I had no such luck in any of the ones I took. Winnie had to be removed from the scene entirely because she was crying. Dash and Tornado, lest anyone thinks my children are always well-behaved, are fighting because Dash wanted to hold a stocking and Tornado was afraid he was going to look inside it too early. It's like they're all purposely staring off into space instead of looking at me like I wanted, ha. Believe it or not, this mound is actually about half the size as normal. We pleaded with my Mom to not go overboard this year - there are 17 of us, after all - and she very begrudgingly scaled down. Trust me, she was not happy about it. There was the perfect amount of wonderful gifts for everyone, though.
Mid-opening, the kids engaged in an all-out wrapping paper war. Dash is wearing his pirate gear from Uncle Matt and Aunt Michele.

This is 8 month old Winnie who was missing from the picture above.

This is my handsome father and my pretty momma.

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Cary said...

That's such a great shot of mom and dad!