Monday, September 1, 2008

We Love Labor Day Weekend

This was a weekend of many accomplishments as we caught up on many neglected chores and projects. Ryan sped through his honey-do list, making me proud. The kids got to spend a lot of time outside with Daddy, overseeing the outdoor jobs. Daddy took Sissy to the grocery store tonight, then put her to bed, which gave me lots of time with the boys to do "school." We finished our Cow "week," which actually stretched to 2 1/2 weeks since we added a lot to it, went out of town, and I was a little under the weather for a few days. They used squares (our shape of the week) of all sizes to create cows. They took off on this activity on their own by adding food (stickers) for their cows to eat and dressing their cows with shoes/sunglasses, etc. stickers. We reviewed and completed our activities on the number 1, the letter A, and our sight words and math problems. Our Bible lesson had to do with God creating us as unique individuals.

Dash got interested in reading an animal encyclopedia book, and he was so excited about all the different pictures he was looking at, we joined him in looking through it. I don't know how he knew this, but he announced, "Armadillos can roll up like roly-poly bugs." (I think armadillos were on Diego once; maybe that's where he heard it.) They were just full of animal trivia tonight - when we were looking at the zebras, Tornado reminded us, "Lions can't see just one zebra when they all stick together, and they can't eat them." They laughed so much the rest of the night about seeing the "naked mole rat." (Dash says "nekkid ro nat.")

Tornado read aloud Great Day for Up by Dr. Seuss, and I only had to help him with a few words. They ate their nighttime snack while we listened to Tacky the Penguin on tape. Tomorrow we will begin our Jungle week. I have the books and activities sitting out on the school table, and when they wake up in the morning, they will find out what our next theme will be.

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The Trons said...

I didn't know that about lions and zebras. Maybe I should sit in on some of your lessons.