Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lord of the Flies

Friday night, I knew the boys were playing outside. I went to check on them, and this is exactly how I found them. They had removed their shoes and clothes. They had removed the bunches of moss that Ryan was storing in the baby pool until he could plant them. This is the remaining dirt mixed with the recent rain water. They had been so loud all day long, running around indoors - I guess they had become crazy animals by the time they got outside. I hosed them off outside, but that didn't even work - there was still a film of dirt that required the bath. The bathing process was long - they had dirt in their ears, eyes, and up their noses. Fortunately, Ryan was bringing home food from P.F. Chang's because we were still cleaning up by the time he got home.


The Trons said...

I wish I were there to see that! Tell them that they are geniuses...Andy and I are proud of their initiative. Puddy would have loved being in that mess.

The Trons said...

Oh, and thanks so much for doing this blog. I miss you guys so much and it means the world to me to see these faces and keep up with all of the shenanigans.