Thursday, September 11, 2008

Book Review/Cute Quote

I read these interactive devotions (that I purchased from Target) to the kids most mornings at breakfast (and sometimes later in the day, if we are in a hurry to get somewhere). They are written by Pamela and Douglas Kennedy, and we really enjoy them, including the sweet watercolor illustrations by Amy Wummer. Each story "tells about a different animal and its outstanding trait." For example, rams often get angry and fight, comparing it to people fighting and how God wants us to stop our anger and talk about our problems. Scripture and discussion questions are provided with each devotion. There are even questions like "How many baby gorillas can you find in the picture?" Therefore, there is a Bible and science lesson in each devotion, as well as math and social studies hidden throughout. Recently, we were reading about rattlesnakes and how God gives us warnings in the Bible on how to stay away from danger. I asked Dash a question, something along the lines of, "What are some of the things God wants us to stay away from?" (as in lying, stealing, and being mean to others, the examples I had just read about) Dash answered very sincerely, "To not pick scabs."


The Trons said...

What a cute story! I can just hear his little sweet voice being so proud that he thought of a good answer. I do wish, however, that I hadn't read this story while eating my salad for dinner.

SnoopyGirl said...

Too cute! We have the first devotional but I didn't realize there was a sequel. I need to get that!