Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Over in the Meadow

This morning we read "Over in the Meadow" to begin our next habitat study. We brainstormed and gathered materials for our meadow shoebox diorama. The boys included trees, grass, moss, flowers, turtles, bees, ducks, insects, a mouse, a squirrel, and a stream with fish. After they finished, they continued playing with clay for another 45 minutes or so. While I made lunch, Dash watched "Dora Saves the Prince" while Tornado played around on a new website we found - literactive.com. After lunch they both watched "Bill Nye the Science Guy: Marine Animals." I was surprised Dash watched it as well as Tornado alway does. He kept pointing out things we had talked about during our ocean studies - like he thought it was amazing they were talking about beluga whales just as we had. Now Tornado will do his Reader Rabbit lessons on the computer while the other three of us will head off for a little nap...

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