Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ocean Party

We culminated our ocean unit with a Family Fun Night ocean party. We (when I say "we" I don't necessarily mean Dad, although he thinks it's great, too) are all about any opportunity to decorate and celebrate. We ate "Finding Nemo" shaped pasta and seaweed with rocks (really spinach with beans). I meant to buy real sea vegetables, but I forgot. For dessert, we made fish and starfish shaped cookies, and we also tried the seaweed candy I bought. I didn't buy it thinking it would be delicious - but just a fun experience. It really wasn't bad. It was kind of plain and VERY tough to chew, like very tough taffy. Tornado was hesitant at first, but he came back for seconds. Dash took a bite, and Sissy even enjoyed her piece, although it took her awhile to finish it.
After supper, we finished our *Rainbow Fish, and then the boys watched "Finding Nemo," of course.


The Trons said...

I really like your blog. Your title and the white letters remind me of a Wes Anderson film.

I can't wait to keep reading as the days unfold...

The Trons said...

That was from Uncle Andy, by the way. Our shared account is confusing.

Tell the Tornado and Dash I say 'hi,' and I can't wait to take my glasses off and wrestle this weekend.