Saturday, September 10, 2016

Sissy's Second Grade Year: Post #7, the Birthday Post!

Sister turned 8! With the kind of love,
sweetness, and celebration that she deserves.
First, on the morning of her birthday, one early gift and breakfast in bed...
yogurt with strawberries and a sun pancake.
 I told her to pick what she wanted for supper: she chose enchiladas, Gardein strips, baby carrots, Cuties, tomatoes, and cucumbers. :)
 birthday celebration for the 6 of us

 frozen homemade ice cream cake

 Next up, she wanted a celebration with friends, so she waited until we were in Arkansas in March. It worked out that Cousin W was in town.

 We decorated Googie and Papaw's screened porch...

 for a lovely Sofia the First tea party.

 I just stood there for awhile, recording their sweet chattiness. They had questions on little conversation starter cards to ask one another.

Pin the Amulet on Sofia
As I'm writing this, she's going to be turning 10 in a few months. It sure passes by quickly. I hope your birthdays, Sis, are always as special as you are to all of us.

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