Saturday, September 3, 2016

Sissy's Second Grade Year: Post #6

Field Trips
I got to take Sis and Baby Brother along for Tornado's field trip to the Florida State Fair.

learning activities at the Fairground

Cracker Country is an open air living history museum connected to the Fairgrounds. They got to try out a few of the old fashioned machines, like a printing press.

They dipped candles.

The problem with blogging a year and a half after the fact means I don't always remember a lot of details. :(

So I don't know what they were doing here, but I'm including them. :)
Another field trip we had was to a local homeschool group's science fair. We learned about worms and composting.

We got to observe and take part in several other experiments, such as this one on density.

making a lung
This one was pretty cool.

 Holiday Fun

homeschool co-op Valentine's fun
 Homeschool Co-op
This semester I taught a Money Math class, which included Sis.

more activities from other classes this year

growing crystals

 American Girl Club
They decorated these awesome hats at club this month. We had to bring our choice of ribbon and flowers with us to class.
Book Buddies
 Books of the Month
Winter/Valentine's books plus the snowman that Sis made at a homeschool co-op event

St. Patrick's Day and other green books 
"Home" School
water coloring skyscrapers during NYC unit

Every homeschool day that Sissy completed her work with a good attitude and without complaining, she earned a bird sticker. When her page was filled, she got to choose a reward. She wanted to go on a date with Dad. He took her to Barnes & Noble to pick out a book and also to Old Navy for a new shirt.

science experiment/sensory activity with Brother

science file folder activity: simple machines

The Teacher
playing school
She helped him make these pictures. 

Family Time

We roadtripped to Columbia, Missouri to watch my highschool alma mater win the State 2A girls basketball championship. We stopped by St. Louis to visit with my sister and her family on the way.
After Columbia, we drove through Willow Springs, MO to hang out with my aunt and uncle.

Then we ended up in Arkansas, where they got to visit my niece and nephew again. We went on a hike at the Arkansas River with my dad and sister.

On the way back to Florida, we stopped by a grilled cheese restaurant in Birmingham, Alabama we had been wanting to try. They have a vegan option. I know some people think I am crazy for traveling so much with the kids, but we have a lot of fun together. I'm proud of giving them all of these experiences.
Cheer Camp
 one day cheer camp where she takes gymnastics

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