Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Math Box #1: Place Value

A bit of fun math lately:

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We read this book, and they also listened to the audiobook version a few times. They enjoy it and get great pleasure from reciting facts such as how long it would take to count to a billion, etc.

I got this game from a Creative Teaching Press literature math book (but you could make something similar). My kids LOVED this game. (Well, they loved it after they learned to get past the losing aspect. Such sore losers they can be. It IS a little stressful as you draw cards, like when you're waiting with one spot left before yelling, "Bingo!")

You put the number cards face down and take turns drawing one and choosing where you want it to go on your game card. If you draw a 9, for example, of course you want to put it in the millions spot. If it's an 7 or 8, you have to take a risk, not knowing whether you or your opponent will ever draw a 9.

Whoever has the highest number at the end of the game, wins. Each has to say their number, which they still can't quite do on their own. But this game definitely helped them with that and helped them have an overall better understanding of place value.

They also were thrilled with this Marshmallow Math activity. Well, mostly they were just thrilled that they were going to be eating marshmallows. (Since we don't eat gelatin marshmallows, they are a special treat around here. We used this kind.)

I used this printable and idea from Babbling Abby.  I did it a little different. Instead of calling out a number, I just told them to put pieces of O's cereal on each toothpick (or on only 1 or 2 toothpicks, and you could obviously change this up for different age groups).

They replicated what they had done with their drawing. Then, they wrote the number in the box. Eat the cereal off the toothpick. Repeat. Toward the end

Dash got a little extra practice with counting/numeral recognition with Sissy's astronaut-rocket match from our Astronaut Unit.

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SnoopyGirl said...

This looks like such a fun way to explore place value. I will have to try it with my kids. Hey, congrats on your newest blessing born last January!