Thursday, October 18, 2012

Handmade Dresses Giveaway!

I was really excited when one of my hometown best friends told me about a sewing initiative that she is working on. It is called Gingham Trundle, and it is helping to provide jobs for women in Africa.

Taken from Gingham Trundle's website:

Who we are: We started as a mother and daughter making clothes together. When a good friend ( of the daughter donated sewing machines to a sewing collective in Africa, we all got an idea. Now, we bring Gingham Trundle to you. 

Fair trade: We employ fair trade principles in all of our purchasing. We pay above-market wages agreed upon by the women; we give no time frames (so no undue pressure); we put a portion of our profits back into the community through healthcare and economic programs; and we ensure safe working conditions and no child labor. We are too small to afford the free trade certification process, but we are working toward that goal.


I am offering this giveaway to help spread the word about this project. Right now, they are seeking to improve the development process (creating products that are high enough quality to sell - and verifying fabric content, etc. so they can be sold in the U.S.), and as they do this, they are offering free dresses in the hopes of building customers and gaining feedback. There are imperfections in this round of dresses. The women are selling the dresses in their communities. The end goal is to create sustainable, long-term jobs for these women. Great, right?

My 5 year old daughter helped me out by modeling the dresses. They are sized anywhere from 3T-5T, but this will kind of show you that they will fit a range. (I mean, my daughter still has 2T dresses in her closet that she wears as shirts. It's really hard for me - and her - to part with them, if you know what I mean.)

I wanted to show you the cute pocket on the back.

Tiny Flowers

I believe this one is sized 4T. There are some faded spots on the material, but it fits very cute. (Read more about this and the dresses in general here.) My daughter has one like this that she is going to wear as a shirt. I think any girl from age 2 to a small 6 would fit.

Red, Red

The equivalent of a "little black dress," this one would go with so much and could be dressy or casual. I love it.

Grandma's Quilt

This one is sized 4T. It's very sweet. I would say it's a true 4T size, as she could wear it - but it's starting to get a little snug under the arms. I love the short-sleeved dress designs.


I will pick a winner for the 4 dresses on November 4, at 9 pm. Please just leave a comment telling me which dress you like the best. If you do not have a blog, comment as "Anonymous." Just make sure you leave an email address or way that I can get a hold of you. 

If you would please share a link to this giveaway, I'll give you 2 extra entries. (Feel free to leave it all in one comment, however, to make it easier for you.) I am going to list this giveaway on my food blog and combine the entries.

Please check out Gingham Trundle's website to see more designs like this one above. Check out the reversible coats which are so cute and include a hidden doll in the pocket. You can request a FREE DRESS on their site, but you will just need to pay for shipping (flat rate $5.15).

Thanks for taking a look, and consider supporting Gingham Trundle in the future!

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