Friday, September 16, 2011

Weekly Homeschool Wrap-Up Journal

As usual, my "weekly" wrap-up has evolved into a past-three weeks' wrap-up. Here is a little of what has been going on:

In my life this week:
One event we attended this week was an eco-fest in our town. We attended last year, and it seemed to have grown. We didn't even have time to go around to all of the booths and activities. Here are a few photos from the event:
Kids were able to decorate their own kites made from paper, sticks, and tape.

Dash LOVED this. He flew this around outside at home, too, every chance he got - until the kite was literally in shreds and wouldn't fly anymore.

Sissy - I loved her innocent giggles as she ran around, flying her kite.

Tornado liked reading the interactive signs along the path.

Tornado (left) and Sissy (right) made (with help) rag dolls at one booth.

They also made cloth flower pins with fabric scraps.

Here are their creations (top left: Dash, then Sissy's and Tornado's). Each piece was hot glued together, and there is a pin hotglued on the backing, made of a denim scrap.

We were so happy that a health food store had a booth with snacks for sale. The kids actually got to each pick out a ...gasp...natural soda!

The cardboard box maze was once again a hit with the kids. It was the main reason they were looking forward to attending eco-fest, in hopes there would be one.

In our homeschool this week:
A few "homeschooling" photos I captured the past few weeks:
Tornado, cuddled up with Daddy on the couch, working on his Flying Creatures science curriculum. I really, really love working with him on his American history homework because it's so interesting to learn about/remember things I once learned about. Science sometimes hurts my brain, though, so I occasionally pass this off to my scientifically minded husband.

Dash really loves science. We are working through the Abeka Science 1 book together, which includes hands-on activities and experiments with almost every lesson. Here he had to create a ramp.

And a lever.

Some of my 6 year old's workbox activities this week:
To break up all of the schoolwork, I'll often include an assignment like "Watch an episode of Wild Kratts (which he loves), then write a journal entry about something you learned." I write it, then he copies it.

We played a Diego 123 Game together. And he worked on his piano lessons.

After he finished his Sight Words workbook, I tested him on all of the words. I've traced with stencils any he couldn't read AND spell, and he'll be working on activities to help him master these words. (Every few days to a week, depending how long it takes, I give him 4 or 5 words with different activities I've made up.) Here, he had to cover the letters with dried garbanzo beans.

The next day, he colored in each word.

Places we're going and people we're seeing:
*Ryan's parents came to visit one weekend.

*My 4 year old and 6 year old started Awanas last week (on Wednesday nights). My 6 year old thinks it is "Iguanas." I've corrected him a few times, but it's so funny and cute I don't try too hard. We really wanted our 11 year old to attend, as well. I registered him. But he walked in, took one look at it, became overwhelmed with all of the kids and noise, and wanted no part of it. It wasn't an ideal scenario for him. Anyway, the two little ones had a great time, were super excited to see some of their friends, and are doing a great job with their scripture memorization.

*We've been in Dallas since Tuesday, so we brought our schoolwork with us. Ryan had to be here on business. He has had a lot of business trips this year, and we hate it when our family is apart. So this time, we joined him! I'll write about our trip next week.

My favorite thing this week was:
My kids have just been really funny this week. And sweet. We've laughed a lot. And I've obviously enjoyed not having any dishes to wash, meals to prepare, etc. while we're on our trip.

Things I'm working on:
Budget! We've got some "ideas" in the works for our lives, and we need to figure out how to afford them. I ordered several bulk food items off Amazon Subscribe & Save last week. The prices are much better than what I pay in the store. I am trying to research the most practical order to place with Azure and Country Life Natural Foods next time around.

I'm grateful for(#381- 389 on my Gratitude List): all of the sweet well wishes we've received from our family and friends for our baby due in January, time off this week in Texas, free hotel!, those who took over my teaching duties this week so I could have a day off, Spiral Diner, Cafe Bliss, Whole Foods, and cell phones. I'm also relieved when my 4 year old who until now knew NO letters or even cared to know them came up to me this morning and said, "X is for x-ray! And R is for Remi!" - and then later..."A, A apple." There's hope!

Questions/thoughts I have: Unfortunately and of Ryan's grandfathers (his Dad's father) died yesterday. He has been in poor health for a long time. I feel worried for Ryan as he is so immersed in his business obligations this week, and now he has this to think about. His shoulders were sagging last night...He has an important job to do overnight Friday-Saturday here in Texas...then has to figure out how to get from Dallas to Arkansas to Illinois by Sunday at 2:00 p.m. Or go straight from Texas? When to buy something to wear to the funeral? Do we all go? Pay almost $2,000 in airfare? Or drive 6 hours home (after Ryan being up all night working), pick up our dogs, re-pack, then drive another 7-8 hours late to be there in time for the funeral. We know it is a privilege to take a moment out of our otherwise unimportant activities to say good-bye to a very important person...Ryan just has a lot to think about, regarding what is the best way to go about that.

Photo to share:

One homeschooling activity the younger two kids really enjoy is homeschooling martial arts, which is twice a month. They go around the house all of the time, doing their little jabs and kicks, saying, "Key-yu!" (or however you spell it). What I love about martial arts is the respect that the kids are taught. Grandmaster Han is a Christian and operates his academies accordingly. A few of the training principles the kids are taught to repeat include: be polite, be patient, be alert, be brave, do your best, and respect yourself and others. And they insist that "ma'am" and "sir" be used!


PrairieJenn said...

Glad I found your blog through the Homeschool Mother's Journal! We're going to have to try the cloth flower pin for our Craft Monday. Thanks for sharing!

kelli- AdventurezInChildRearing said...

we want to go to your eco-fest! :) looks like fun- now I want- I mean the kids want to make a big maze! Fun! love the cloth dolls too- wondering if we could make cloth "animals" of some sort (my 3 boys would have no part in it if I call them dolls- maybe call them cloth people???)

Anonymous said...

I use Music for Little Mozarts with all of my piano kids that I teach who are young. I love it!

Pam Rohde said...

I finally had time to finish reading this post I started a couple days ago. I just wanted to say that you are an amazing mom! You have such creative things for your kids to do all the time and I know it is time consuming to come up with such activities all the time! So here is your pat on the back today. Good job!