Sunday, September 25, 2011

Project 365: Daily Life

Sunday, September 18
The kids have done a lot of bed swapping lately. Sissy loves sleeping in the room with her "brudders" and thinks it's unfair that she's the only one who is alone in her room at night. And the boys switch weeks at times, sleeping on the top bunk. If it isn't a school (homeschool co-op) night for the boys, I'll let her sleep on the other end of the bottom bunk, so they're feet to feet. Well, this night I came to check on them, as I always do before I go to sleep. And this is how I found these two. I asked, "Are you going to sleep like this, next to each other?" She was sound asleep, and without even looking up from his DS, he simply stated, "I had to do this because she was scared." He sounded so matter-of-fact and grown-up. It was thundering outside; so sweet!

Monday, September 19
The boys were on a roll today, wanting to play outside. I think it had something to do with the fact they knew it was schoolwork day. I never want to dissuade them from spending time outside, though, and playing so creatively together. Dash made an obstacle course, including tying this hopping ball from the tree with my assistance.

And when I came out to check on them, they had been tracing each other's bodies, playing hopscotch, and writing rhyming words on the driveway.

Then they came in and got out the Play-Doh.

And then went straight to the train table. They did end up finishing their schoolwork eventually. I think I need to take Tornado's glasses in to get adjusted because they seem to always be at the end of his nose lately.

Tuesday, September 20
Sissy and I had about 45 minutes together before we had to pick up the boys from school. I suggested we make a little treat, and she could serve it to the boys as an surprise afterschool snack. It was a version of strawberry shortcake that I'd seen on my friend's blog. I told her to come to the computer, and I'd show her a picture. She said, "If you show me that, I would faint." I thought that was so funny because maybe I've never even heard her use the word "faint." So then many minutes later, I ended up showing her the delicious-looking picture on the computer screen. And I looked back, and this is what she was doing. She apparently "fainted." I laughed so hard.

Wednesday, September 21
Oh, how Sissy loves preschool. You can see her delight whenever she's with her friends. Today, she had her first field trip.

The boys and I went with her. It was the first full day of the county fair, and the class is doing a unit on Farm Animals. So we all loaded up to view the animals being shown at the fair, as well as all of the booths and crafts inside the exhibit center.

A barn full of animals. I haven't had morning sickness in several months, and when the kids were complaining about the smell I kind of dismissed it, thinking it wasn't so bad. Then, all of the sudden it hit me when I caught a glance of a particular pile of chicken poo. And I had to walk off to the edge of the building to get a breath of fresh air and concentrate away my feeling of wanting to dry heave.

Thursday, September 22
Happy 59th birthday, Dad! Carrot-Raisin-Banana-Flax-Applesauce Muffins with orange glaze on the special birthday muffin.

Friday, September 23
Yay! Sissy finally got to take the Fish Bag home. We already knew about the Fish Bag because Dash had the same teacher and class when he was in K-4. The kids take turns bringing the velcroed-shut pillow case home and returning the next day with a show and tell item. The kid gives clues to see if everyone can guess what's in the bag. AND, he or she gets to be line leader that day.

Every day, Sissy would come home telling me who got the Fish Bag, trying to conceal her disappointment in not being the chosen one. BECAUSE, as she always reminds me, "We don't say, 'Ohh! I wanted the Fish Bag!'" She adds, "We say, 'Yay, Madison!' (or whoever)." (Oh, how I love what she is learning at school.) She decided to bring her new Minnie Mouse dress she bought at the Disney Store in Dallas.

The boys were begging me to take this picture, even though it's a little blurry from being taken through the window. They get especially excited every time they see a bird (behind the bottle) eating from the bird feeder Tornado made for extra credit in his science class.

After the boys got out of the bathtub, Dash rubbed his hair with a towel to dry it off. Tornado said, "You look like a scientist!" He was thinking of Albert Einstein, which I thought was funny.

Saturday, September 24
Dash had his first soccer game for the season today. That's him in the green. Their team is pretty good! They've moved up to 4 on 4 this year. He was also happy that one of his former teammates ended up on his team again.

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Pam Rohde said...

Just wanted to say that your children are beautiful! Also is there a recipe for those special birthday muffins you made your dad? They look delicious to me!