Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Project: 365: Thursday-Sunday

Thursday, June 16
fun in the sprinkler!

Friday, June 17
The kids and I went to Little Rock today for a little shopping (grocery and other). We met Daddy and Aunt Tracy for lunch.

And Tornado was excited about picking out books with his Barnes and Noble gift card. He carefully deliberated for quite awhile, and this is what he ended up with: a Phineas & Ferb Look & Find (He loves hidden pictures. He also loves P & F, I think because they are kids with big imaginations who are always inventing something, also right up his alley.), a workbook (He has just always really enjoyed workbooks.), Kung Fu Panda 2 Mad Libs (He totally cracks himself up with these.), and a Berenstain Bears book (We all love these books. I really love the new ones - like this one - that have a focus on God and are centered around a biblical verse. This one is about the cubs being taught that God has given everyone a special talent and includes Matthew 5:16. There are also discussion questions at the end of the book.). He says, "Thank you, Cary and Andy!"

Saturday, June 18
I splurged and actually bought a book yesterday (versus waiting for it at the library) for myself. I love it! We love the Duggars, of course. This is proof that we have watched every one of their episodes (especially Sissy; it's one of her favorite shows). She saw me reading the book and said, in a perfect Michelle Duggar sweet voice (complete with pauses in the right spots and everything), "Josh is our oldest. He married Anna, and they have our first granddaughter, Mackynzie." That's part of the opening credits, for those of you who don't watch. :)

Sunday, June 19
Truly, my happiest moments in life are when I see all three of the kids playing sweetly together, using their imaginations. I stood back, watching, and I wrote down a little bit of what I heard. I'm going to include it so they can look back at it one day.

"We're going to the secret hide-out!" I think they all said that at some point.

"You're not allowed, Space Ship." - Tornado

"If you see any bad guys, do this!" - Dash

"Can I come in?" - Tornado

"No, you have a dirty eye!" - Dash (The train's eye was actually really dirty; I had to clean it for him, ha!)

"This is our carpet. This is my horse. Here is my finest tractor. His head is peeking out the door." - Sissy

"Are you a superhero?" - Tornado

"I'm a superhero horse." - Sissy

"Freeze Man is coming!" - Tornado

"You can't freeze my friends!" - Dash

"I'm his friend." - Sissy

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