Thursday, June 30, 2011

Project 365: blueberries, new stuff, and a little culture

Thursday, June 23
The kids and I went berry picking today at Hidden Valley Farm (which doesn't use pesticides). Besides eating berries plain (or putting them in fruit salad or oatmeal, etc.), we've really been in a fruit and berry pies kick lately.

They always enjoy picking wild blackberries on our land, etc., but this was the first time they'd been to an actual berry patch.

We ended up with two buckets full. We only managed to find a handful of raspberries.

After our very HOT morning at the berry patch, we ate lunch where my sister Tracy works. Then we headed to Riverfront Park in downtown Little Rock.

This was the first time they had ever played in the water there. They didn't know what to expect, but they were THRILLED.

I LOVE the amount of joy and excitement exuding out of her whole body here.

They had SO much fun, and it is a great place for Mom to sit in the shade and easily watch her kids play in the water (without worrying about them drowning because there are only fountains/sprinklers).

Friday, June 24
Our new sectional was delivered today! We can all sit together on the couch now! With room for several guests, so come on over!

It's very exciting! (I have to move some other furniture and pictures, etc. around to make it look right.)

Saturday, June 25
We cleaned like crazy today. I cleaned the boys' room SO WELL. As in, I even cleared out everything from underneath their bed and swept the furthest corner. This was all in preparation to add their new duvets, which they were super excited about. The kids always want to get in our bed because it's so comfy and soft. It's because of our duvet, and they always have to sleep with flimsy quilts. I found duvet covers on for around $27. I was excited since I had been prepared to pay $100/each. They're soft, they love them, and I think they have been enjoying bedtime more now.

Sunday, June 26
We took the kids to the Arkansas Arts Center today for the last day of The Impressionists exhibit. They enjoy recognizing many of the artists' names we've learned about. One lady was very impressed when she heard Dash say, "That's Van Gogh."

We let the kids run around MacArthur Park for a little while before getting back in the car.

Although we'd already had lots of fun today, the best part probably occurred later at Whole Foods. Some members of the Arkansas Accordion Association were playing music. They had a big tub of instruments for the kids to use. We'd planned on just popping in for a bit so the kids (and Daddy) could eat some dessert. But we ended up staying a lot longer because it was so fun.

Monday, June 27
The kids were playing outside tonight as Ryan was watering the plants. So obviously they wanted him to spray them, etc. When they were finished playing, I threw them each a kitchen towel and made them strip down on the front porch. As they were giggling and scurrying up the stairs, I thought they looked cute so I asked them to stop to let me take their picture.


kdguice said...

I loved these pictures! Violet loves the splash pad at Rivermarket too. That picture of Sissy in her whole-body-excitement reminds me so much of Tracy!

Phyllis said...

Wow, what fun you guys have. Lovely.