Monday, August 30, 2010

Gratitude List #224-246: Buffalo River and Grandpa's Birthday

I haven't had much time to blog lately so let's start catching up...I've had lots to be thankful for, and I've gotta get going if my Gratitude List goal is really 1,000. I was just going to give up on that, but it feels, of all things, that would be the pathetic thing to give up.

During (Gratitude List #224) my sister Cary's visit at the end of July (I wrote a couple of posts about their visit on my other blog: my birthday and our dog's Scooby Doo birthday party.), we (my family of five, plus Mom and Dad, plus Cary and her kids) drove a little over an hour to the Buffalo River (#225). My brother and his family drove about the same distance to meet us (#226).

That's Tornado above. I'm so thankful for all the PURE JOY he brings into my life. He is just so GOOD and truly a lovely person to be around (#227).

Ryan and my Dad had a swimming race to the rock cliff. #228 - for fun times and no one having a heart attack.

The kids had a good time looking for tadpoles. Uncle Matt was a great help. I'm thankful Dash exhibits a gentle side with animals...some of his rare gentle moments. When we first started to "get to know our son" as he got older, we were, like, "He's going to be THAT kid, the one who wants to torture cats or pull bugs apart, piece by piece." Thankfully, that isn't the case (#229).

#230 - I'm thankful for baby giggles.

#231 - I'm thankful for their curly hair. Have I already counted that one? I don't care. I'm thankful for it every time I lay my eyes upon it.

#232 - Pierson was happy as can be to just sit in this tub most of the afternoon.

#233 - My niece Grace is an exact mix of my brother and her beautiful mother, and they get all of the credit for how amazing she is. However, I love that I can look at her and recognize a little bit of myself, too. I think (in a way) she's more like me than my own kids are. I realize that makes it sound like I'm saying I'm amazing. That's not what I meant, though. :)

#234 - I'm so happy that Dash has such a buddy in his cousin Owen.

In early August, we drove up to Matt's for Grandpa's birthday party.

Ryan took off on his bike that morning, and we picked him up in Leslie. I was getting a little worried about him because it started pouring outside. He was riding through the rain. I knew him well enough to realize he was NOT going to stop because of a little rain. I'm always thankful each time Ryan comes home safely from a ride (#235). Cycling might not be the most dangerous activity in the world, but there are risks. (One of his cycling buddies got hit by a car and had to have major surgery.)

I'm thankful, as always, that he works so hard at meeting his goals (#236). And also (as always) that he's so very cute (#237).

While we were at the gas station to pick up Ryan, Dash crawled into the dogs' crate. For the constant amusement my middle child brings us - #238.

#239 - Sissy and Clara have gotten to be such great friends.

#240 - They rarely left one another's side the whole day and had so much fun together.

I'm thankful that my grandfather gets to look out toward so many people who love him on his birthday (#241). I'm thankful that I still have my grandfather, age 90, around (#242). I'm grateful for the way he gives all of the kids a silver dollar for every birthday (#243). They don't really understand what it's worth/will be worth. It's a treasure in itself to them, just the way it is: big and round and shiny. They know that they like these coins Great Grandpa gives them.

#244 - So precious.

The whole family on my dad's side, minus Tracy and Cary and her family...Something funny Dash said on our way to the party: "How come there are two Patsy's? I forgot; what's the other Patsy's name?" Those are Dad's two sisters (Patsy and Judy), and they probably look similar to Dash. He does know Judy's name; he just couldn't think of it. He has been around Patsy more and knows her better, so I thought it was cute and interesting that he referred to them as the "two Patsy's."

I'm thankful that we choose to get together every year for Grandpa's birthday (#245). I'm happy for my Grandpa (#246). I hope this is what I have sitting around me in 50, 60 years.

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Sara said...

Baby giggles are precious!

Delighted as always to splash around with you and drench myself in His goodness.


Annette W. said...

Fun blessings!

Derek is a biker too...I'm not sure if he'd say he is a cyclist, but it's not a big deal for him to ride 30 miles on a Saturday morning or the 20ish home from church.