Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Weekend Trip to the Farm

This weekend we drove up north to Ryan's parents' house for a definitely-overdue visit. We, ashamedly, hadn't been up there since last Thanksgiving. The kids enjoyed being out in the open air, with lots of new things to do. windy!

rolling-races down the hill behind Grandpa and Grandma Nona's house

and running races, too!

Aunt Kristi and Dash, flying a little kite

Tornado and Sissy, sweeping...the next day, there was a knock-down, drag-out fight over the brooms...who knew it was that fun to sweep?

Dash played "fetch" with "Cousin" Cooper and Aunt Jyldyz
Looks like trouble...lots of fun on the boys with Uncle Jeff

The boys took their eagerly-awaited turn riding on the combine with Grandpa, and then Sissy and Daddy got a ride.

Cousin "K" and Sissy, playing in the back of the truck
my brave little fella, playing up in the tree...he was pretending he was a lion or a koala bear

Aw, the little lion fell asleep...


Tracy said...

Do you think that he's dreaming of Googie stalking wildebeests on the plains of the Serengeti?

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

gorgeous farmland!!!!

Jenny said...

haha. "Where does Googie get her meat? From the jungle?"