Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Obstacle Courses

It's the "Mom, I'm Bored" summer edition of Works For Me Wednesday over at We are That Family.

"Obstacle courses" are one of my kids' favorite activities. I sit outside and give them several instructions in a row, actions they must complete before returning to me. For example, "Run down the driveway, circle the tree, jump on your bike and ride to the car, hop off, find two pinecones and bring them to me, then think of a song to sing with the word "dog" in it and sing it."

Or "Walk backwards slowly to the tree. Then run around the circle part of the drive. Find three objects in the yard that do not belong (trash, misplaced toy, etc.). Put them where they belong. Come back and give me five." (Making "cleaning up the yard" a game always works for me. I just get to sit back and watch!)

It does require Mom to be present, but it's great to watch their laughter - and it releases a lot of pent-up energy. I'd say it also helps them learn to remember several directions at once. They have so much fun doing this, they want to do it over and over again. They never even really care who "wins." They love it.


Beth said...

This sounds like a great idea! I remember creating obstacles courses in the backyard for my brother and I when I was little. Gonna have revive that idea!

Susan said...

I like that idea. As I read it, it struck me as a great exercise as well for my daughter with ADD. She has a LOT of trouble following multiple instructions (go get dressed, brush your teeth, brush your hair, etc). This would be a 'fun' way to practice multiple instructions ... thanks!

jturner4Him said...

we use obstacle courses for the boys inside on rainy days. I like the idea of walking backwards and picking up round/square/soft toys. They do tend to get loud when confined, but fun activities like this helps.