Thursday, March 19, 2009

Peabody Park

On Saturday of Cary's visit, we enjoyed a day in Little Rock, first at the River, followed up with a swing through Planet Smoothie on the way home.making wishes, behind the River Market
enjoying our lunch at The Boulevard Bread Company in the River Market
Tornado is good about making sure his little brother and sister are taken care of. He held her hand the entire walk down to the park.
Aunt Cary and Cousin Winnie, in front of the Arkansas River
We love Peabody Park. Taken from the rivermarket website, "Two years ago, Dr. Dean Kumpuris, Little Rock city director and gastroenterologist, had a vision for the children of Arkansas. He had just read two books, one about playgrounds and the other about how children today no longer have places to run free and use their imaginations to their full potential. The combination of both readings inspired Kumpuris' idea, one that is coming to life in Riverfront Park." The Peabody Park is the result of a collaboration among the city of Little Rock, the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism and The Peabody Hotel. It was named in honor of The Peabody's donation of $250,000. Funds had been appropriated for a playground to be built at Riverfront Park, and with the addition of the Peabody's donation, the new adventure park became possible. Kumpuris knew that in order to create a park for children, he needed their input. He put an ad in the paper, asking for children of all ages to tell him and the architects what they wanted in the park. "The children told us what they wanted," Kumpuris said. "They made drawings and told us flat out what they did and didn't want in their park."
They boys loved sliding down the steep hill on pieces of cardboard. It seemed to be a popular activity at the park. The inclines are so steep, I had a hard time walking up them without slipping. Cary and I were one step away from rolling down the hill, like we used to do at our Grandpa's house, growing up. That slide is SO fast, I almost landed on my tail, coming out of it.Mommy and Dash
"The Arkansas are reckoned to be the tallest and best shaped of all the savages on the continent, and they are called, by way of distinction, the fine men." - Father Charlevoix, 1721
The name Arkansas is taken from the Quapaw Indians who lived here. The term meant “south wind." There were many early pronunciations including Oo-ka-na-sa and Ar-kan-soa. In 1881 it was finally decided to spell it "Arkansas" but pronounce it "Arkansaw."
Mommy and Tornado

The Indian Head, in the History Pavillion

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