Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sissy's Pink and White Polka Dot/Teddy Bear Birthday Party

Her number two birthday shirt and tutu...a funny moment during the party - our friend Paul, when talking about the kids learning to talk, etc., asked, "How old is (Sissy) now?" hee, hee

That's my teddy bear Stuffy I've had since I was little.
Saylor pretended she understood everything Sissy was jabbering, as they ate their teddy bear shaped sandwiches.

Lori let me borrow their polka dot bib for the party because I didn't want to use one of our ratty, mismatched ones. She apparently liked it so much she did not want to take it off.

Mr. Teddy Bear even came to the party...too bad Daddy stepped out and missed all the excitement.
Dash and Mr. Teddy Bear...Where is the birthday girl?

...she's at a safe distance away from the bear.

Bear hug!
After the party, Tornado and Sissy, with their nighttime snacks, tried out Sissy's new table set. They are drawing pictures like the ones from her new Ook the Book. We want to say a special thank you to Papaw for staining the table and benches for us this week! Thank you!

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Cary said...

I've bee waiting for this post! What a cute party! I love the little cupcakes. I'm sad we had to miss:(