Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Birthday, Sissy!

Two years ago today, at 8:11 a.m., my beautiful baby girl made her appearance into the world. She had a head full of dark hair and blue eyes, which she continues to hang onto today. There was quite a commotion in the operating room that day, as the doctor wasn't having the easiest time pulling her out. She was really big, and they were tugging and pulling. AAAAHHHH. It pains me, to this day, to think about it. I can't even believe the child above came out of me, especially looking at how small my c-section scar is. As I willed myself not to hyperventilate, I could hear all the comments about what a big baby she was. In fact, when they wheeled me into the recovery room, several people followed to see if she was indeed 10 pounds, like they guessed. She was close...9 lb. 7 oz. At least I had one explanation to how enormous I was.
I was happy beyond belief to have a little girl to add to my testosterone-filled home. They told me at my 20 week ultrasound to expect a girl, but I truly didn't allow myself to believe it until she came out. I had heard too many stories of delivery surprises. One of the things I hate about having c-sections, you don't get to see the baby right away. I remember asking Ryan, "Is it a girl?" Apparently, my ultrasound lady had "never been wrong." The morning of my surgery, the nurse asked what we were having, and I said, "It's supposed to be a girl. We'll see. They say she's never been wrong." The nurse asked who had performed the ultrasound, and she confirmed, "Yeah, you're having a girl then. She's never been wrong." I think I had just made myself believe I wouldn't be able to have a girl so there would be no disappointment. And since my husband is one of three boys, I just assumed he wouldn't be able to produce a girl, ha. :) To be clear, there would have been NOTHING wrong with having another little Tornado or Dash. I'd have a house full of boys if I could. I just really wanted a girl, too.This is my beautiful, wonderful Dr. Simmons, holding Sissy at my 6 week check-up.
It was definitely as hard as I thought it would be, having three kids. Dash was only 23 months old when Sissy was born. He was still in the mode of needing to be held when he woke up, etc. It was a little overwhelming. Tornado was a great help, and I loved, loved seeing them dote over their new sister.
This is the same face she uses frequently today. We are preparing for TIMES ahead. She pokes out that lip when she doesn't get her way. She knows how to put it on. If she's the last baby, I'm sure that being the only girl AND the baby will be used to her advantage.

How fun to add a little more pink into my life.
four or five months old, at Buffalo River
Ryan, who had thought he would have been just fine having all boys, recently said to Sissy, "You know, your Mom was right. We really needed a little girl in the family.
First Birthday spring 2008

19 months old , above

At age two, Sis continues to be happiest when she's being held and made over. She's starting to branch out a little more with new people, which is nice. She continues to love pretty dresses and shoes. Today her Grandma sent her, among other things, a pair of new shoes, which she promptly put on and did not take off until I made her, at the end of the day. She even took her nap wearing them. She makes us laugh every single day, whether she's dancing or attempting new words to say. She, mimicking me, likes to use her fist as a microphone and pretend she's singing. I just asked Ryan what he wanted to say about her, and he said, "She's her mother." Whatever. :) She's also so quick to apologize and want to "make up." She loves to eat fresh and frozen fruit and berries. She loves to eat chocolate chips, raisins, avocadoes, refried beans and baby carrots. I'm so grateful for our little surprise and further satisfied that, as always, God knows what's best and plans accordingly. We are going against everything I believe in (her birthday is TODAY; I hate not celebrating today) and having her party next week. She received so many cards and gifts in the mail today, though. She LOVED it. She ripped into those envelopes and pulled them to her chest happily! She loved her clothes from Grandma and Grandpa Lay and her toys and books from Aunt Patsy and Uncle Chuck. THANK YOU, everyone!


Cary said...

thank you so much for all of these photos! I'd forgotten how CUTE she was when she was a baby. She's still very beautiful. I absolutely LOVE the one of chubby arms sleeping on Ryan.
She has a gift from us coming, but I'm bringing it when I come home. Hopefully it'll be worth the wait.

JJHB said...

I loved reading about Remi's birth through 2 and seeing all the pictures! She is such a cutie!

Our Family said...

What a great tribute! Wait, can one use "tribute" if the one being celebrated is still alive....Jenny, what a wonderful post about your precious little girl! What a wonderful way to celebrate her second birthday and a major milestone for you!:)
Stacey M