Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Goodness Gracious List #445-487

I had planned to return to blogging, and the only reason I haven't is that our computer has become so slow it was ridiculous to waste time sitting there. I have been scrapbooking a little instead. And I saved up money, eliminated some costs this month, and this week I got my first laptop! It's so exciting! Believe it or not, I've never had a laptop and have always wanted one! It even has a touch screen, which is a nice surprise. I'm very old school with technology, therefore Ryan has been giving me lessons and walking me through everything. So I'm so totally thankful for my new computer, my husband's computer knowledge, and for the ability to sit in bed now to blog!
Gratitude List Continued:
I'm thankful for a boy
who turned two this year,
 a girl who turned 7,
and a boy who turned 9.
I'm also thankful for Sesame Street, Little One's embarrassed, surprised expression when he walked into the decorated dining room, how much my kids love having "Happy Birthday" sang to them, party supply stores, and vegan cookie cakes (which were both Sissy's and Dash's cake of choice this year) from Whole Foods.

 I'm thankful for awesome
organic u-pick farms in Florida.

 And for all the help I have with picking!

I'm thankful for discovering new beautiful places,
(Fort Lonesome Farm)

 farmers' markets and smoothies,
cheap garage sale finds,
and a boy who loves playing ball
more than anything else.

I'm thankful for all of the
street performers we enjoy.
I'm thankful for Spirit Week at school
and for my cute little cowgirl.

 I'm thankful for walks in
beautiful downtown Tampa,

for a visit from Grandma,
for how willing she always is to do whatever the kids want to do,
 for visits with Ryan's
grandparents in Fort Meyers,

their very cute neighborhood, and for a
sweet neighbor who loaned us her golf cart.
I'm thankful for all of the kids who live on our street and for a fun neighborhood Easter egg hunt.

I'm thankful for coordinating Easter outfits.

 I'm thankful for how much fun
it is to lick the bowl,

 for an afternoon of art,

 which also included this guy,
 and for Florida citrus!
I'm thankful for Daddy head rubs. He really gives amazing ones, and Sissy and I both know this. He has rubbed my head for entire movies and entire Illinois basketball games. The entire time, I kid you not.
 I'm thankful about how much fun the
kids' Boosterthon was at school

 for 41 laps,
 lunch with my girl,
 and also lunch with this cutie.
I'm thankful for laser tag
(plus this photo is really cool)
and a fun birthday afternoon for
Dash and his siblings and friends.
I'm thankful for all of the sweet, funny, and smart words that come out of my kids' mouth on a daily basis. Here was a good quote today, asked in total sincerity, by Dash:
"Does Googie not like pets because
one of her ancestors got bitten by one?"
If I counted correctly, that makes 487!

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Annette Whipple said...

That was lots of fun. :)

We were given a laptop in 2008. It was incredibly slow and always freezing...we replaced it a few months ago.

WOW, your baby is not a baby any more.