Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Rudi's Giveaway Results & Vote for Art Box

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The winner of my Rudi's Bakery Bread Giveaway is...Cary! Cary, be on the lookout for your coupons and art supplies (plus beret!) in the mail! I'm really glad you won fairly. I know you've been bitter toward me all of these years since I won't cheat to let you win.

For the rest of you, head on over to Rudi's Bakery for a 75 cent off coupon. Their bread and buns, etc. are great products with ingredients you can feel good about. Their sandwich box promotion was successful and maxed out. Starting now through July 31, you can visit their facebook page to vote for your favorite artwork. (If you're at a loss over who to vote for, I thought my kids' were pretty good!) You may vote once per day, and the winner will receive the honor of being featured on the Official Sandwich Box plus lots of other great prizes. Rudi's will donate $1 to The Lunch Box Health Tools to Help All Schools program for the first vote cast by each user.
Multigrain Oat Here are my kids' entries
SissyTornadoDash (Because I entered a 3rd child by email as necessary, he was not added in the contest.)
Vote for each of them every day if ya want!
Thank you, Rudi's, for this giveaway and for being such a great company.


Cary said...

This is the greatest moment of my life!

Cary said...

Really, it is.

Jenny said...

I'm honored to have contributed to the greatest moment of your life! Enjoy!

Melaina at Rudi's Organic Bakery said...

Melaina here from Rudi's Organic Bakery,

Congratulations Cary! We hope you enjoy the bread :)