Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Spring Break

During Spring Break, we headed north to visit some of our loved ones. Baby Brother got to meet many new family members. The trip home was very memorable because after crushing our luggage carrier in my sister and brother-in-law's loft garage, I had a flat tire after dark in Pocahontas, Arkansas. (Ryan was not with me as he has been super busy traveling with work lately so we were only gone a few days.) It was quite an involved experience. I think I'm done driving long distances without Ryan because Baby was not a fan of the car trip experience, in general, not to mention the non-fun factor of being out in the middle of dark nowhere with 4 kids and a flat.

my grandpa and Winnie

Aunt Michele (and Uncle Matt, too)

4 more cousins, including Cousin P...
(I see a resemblance!)

and cousin G

Uncle Andy also got to meet my little guy for the first time.

After we stayed with my brother for a couple of days, we headed to my sister's. He's never short on love, that's for sure. (Pictured above with Cousin W and my kids.)

My kids had an ideal-for-them morning at City Museum.

They played like crazy.

I know they are super jealous of their cousins for living so close to such a fun place. And whenever I leave the City Museum, I have a strong desire to start gluing found objects and sparkly mosaics to my walls at home.

During this trip, Baby Brother started a whole new phase of smiling constantly. He would smile "sort of" before for a split second, smile in his sleep, and have really pleasant looks on his face, but this week he took it to a new level.

   2 1/2 months old                                        

I mean, it seriously never gets old. Almost two months later, I still find no greater joy than making him smile. LOVE!

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Cary said...

I would like to document for posterity that it was me he was smiling for in that last photo. That's on our gray daybed sofa.