Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Scenes from Christmas

I have a very bad habit of starting posts, then never finishing them. I planned on adding more pictures to this post, therefore I haven't posted anything past Christmas. So in an effort to just get on with it, here is what I've got from our Christmas with my family and our Christmas morning. Happy New Year! And I'll try to post baby pics soon.

Cousin P did not want to part with Googie's super-sized stockings.

Cousin C

my girl with the requisite bow on her head

Playmobil castle: yes!

too cool for the rest of us

lots of joy at Googie & Papaw's

Santa Baby

As if his consistent orange clothing wasn't enough to alert: Illini fan comin' through.

One of Tornado's most important items on his Dear Santa letter: earplugs. Why? He has very loud siblings, bless his heart. He couldn't have been more thrilled that Santa pulled through!

E-Z Rollers!

Princess car!

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