Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Stories + "Art"

One of our latest Advent Garland days was the gift of A Charlie Brown Christmas. I also included with the book some flashy garland in a bag, and we also stopped by Dollar Tree to pick out some $1 shatter-proof balls and holly garland.

After we read the book (which I love, especially when Charlie Brown exclaims, "Isn't there anyone who knows what Christmas is all about?" and Linus goes on to explain the real meaning of Christmas), we took a walk around our property to pick out a tree that maybe wanted to feel like a special Christmas tree this year.

The tree ended up very fancy, and I'm pretty sure all of its Christmas tree dreams have now came true.

We had some extra decorations, and the kids felt very certain they wanted to decorate this old tree, too. It was one that we had used as a Christmas tree years ago in a pot, then transferred outside. I think it has finally succumbed to the Arkansas heat, etc., although there is a bit of green hiding in there.

Another Advent activity we've done so far was reading Gingerbread Friends by Jan Brett.

I mentioned on my Weekly Journal Friday that we had made gingerbread house pancakes.

I have a gingerbread house pancake mold I've had for years (and I've seen them online). We also had a little success using a large gingerbread boy cookie cutter (with plenty of cooking spray) as a pancake mold.

I filled our dishes with fruits, nuts, cereal, chocolate chips and let the kids decorate their houses, along with syrup, melted fruit spread and dairy-free whipping cream.

This was our supper, and the boys ended up making more than one each.

My 4 year old was actually in the middle of her own Gingerbread Unit at preschool last week. Here are a few of her art projects.

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I love your Charlie Brown tree!! Looks like a super fun week!