Friday, October 14, 2011

Weekly Homeschool Wrap-Up

School Work
Continuing on with our regular curriculum this week. I finally wised up and took Tornado's math homework (from homeschool co-op) with us to Dash's soccer practice. We got so much done. I've got to start doing that more often with our busy schedule (like taking their read-aloud assignments along while we're waiting in the car for someone to finish a lesson or whatever).

Dash finished his first book and workbook in piano lessons. He's moving along quite well. I think I'm going to see how Sissy would do working through his first book because she has been asking to take lessons. I'll teach her since I can't imagine adding another outside activity right now.

We're working on our Chocolate Unit now. We have read several chocolate-themed books, so far, but this week we started Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. They're into it. Tonight, we also watched Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory movie (the old 1971 version with Gene Wilder) while they ate their snack of dark and white chocolate chips. They liked it so much they wanted to immediately rewatch it afterward (but we didn't).

Saturday, October 8
As usual this season, Saturday morning means a soccer game.

My sister and brother-in-law went on a long weekend trip and left their two kids with my parents. They all came to the game. Dash was grinning from ear to ear when he saw them all walking up. Whenever the kids all yelled his name, cheering him on, he was so proud! He kept looking over to wave. And during half-time and his time on the sideline, he was all about giving his 2 year old cousin lots of attention.

W (right) said in a sing-song voice, "Nice and cozy in a chair, watching [the] game!"

Sunday, October 9
Ryan, Googie, Papaw, and I took the kids to Schaefer's & Collins Pumpkin Patch/Corn Maze.

There are a lot of farm animals to see. W kept her distance at first but soon joined in.

The kids were doing a good job watching out for their little cousins and sister. R is explaining back to Dash that he must not put his fingers inside the fence.

There is so much there for the kids to play in and among. We opted not to pay the $5/person and endure the very long line for the hay ride. We found out the next day that right after we left, the trailer with 30 people aboard overturned. Weird accident but no serious injuries, although there were a couple of people who had to be taken to the hospital, I believe, including a pregnant woman (ah!).

Lots and lots of brother/sister/cousin fun!

The kids always enjoy this ride. Ryan rode along in the trailer to make sure the kids were safe as they disappeared through the rows of corn.

Monday, October 10
We finally had our Strawberry Shortcake Unit "culmination party," thinking it was the perfect opportunity since R and W were in town. I'll write more about this in my future Strawberry Shortcake Unit post.

Wednesday, October 12
The boys got to spend a few hours this morning with Googie and Papaw (They even got to go to Hastings to each pick out a new book.) while I went along with Sissy on her preschool field trip. They were in the middle of a Cowboys & Cowgirls Unit, so the class went to a local horse ranch.

They got to take a long hayride. The ranch is located on beautiful land, and it was perfect weather.

Thursday, October 13
The kids started assembling their Operation Christmas Child boxes. They each enjoy picking out things for their own boxes. (I hope Sissy's recipient likes pink!) Collection week is November 14-21.

Friday, October 14
Sissy decorated a bandana and made this pipe stick horse at preschool this week.

Dash had made a horse like this when he was in the same class with the same teacher two years ago. They cut out a horse head shape from a grocery bag, decorated it including a mane, stuff it with extra paper, then staple it together, with the pipe sticking out. The kids love these. It has been fun reliving Dash's experience in preschool through Sissy since they follow the same schedule and activities.

The kids were out and about a lot this afternoon on their 3-wheelers. They were playing with Dash's new police toys.

They also played a long time tonight with their Moon Dough Pizza Factory. You never know how well all of the play dough factories will work, but they really liked this one. It makes very cute pizza toppings.


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Jodi said...

I so enjoyed all of your photos this week!!!! We will be headed out to our pumpkin patch this week! Thanks for linking up. Looked like a lot of fun!!!! I would have loved to have watched the movie with you for a second time to have some chocolate!

Amy said...

I would love to do a chocolate unit. I would like to give you the Versatile Blogger award.