Thursday, August 25, 2011

Some of Our Days Lately

One Day Two Weeks Ago
My sister and her kids came to stay with my parents for the week. She is still getting back into the swings of things after their wreck, and it was great for her to relax at "home" for awhile. And we loved, as always, spending time with them. One day we went to the River Market in downtown Little Rock.

The kids played in the splash fountain nearby at Peabody Park.

Sunday, August 14
We headed up to Branson to celebrate my Grandpa's 91st birthday party. The kids all gathered around their great-grandfather while we sang and he blew out the candles.

hug from Sis

These girls were inseparable all day. They are like sisters - they love each other dearly but squabble a lot, too.

Older Cousin G was very sweet about playing with and entertaining the little girls all day.

These two guys - Dash and Cousin O were inseparable all day, as well.

I'm glad that they are friends. The times we spend at my brother's house are some of our most enjoyable times we ever have.

Uncle Chuck, reading to the biggest ham in our family

Thursday, August 18
This was the first full week of official homeschooling for us this year, complete with our two days at our homeschool co-op. Sissy won't be attending full time this year, as she will begin another preschool next week. But she had fun going with me today since I am teaching K-4 this year.

her sun

This afternoon we finally made it to the Smurfs movie. Dash made the sweet decision on his own to wear his Smurf t-shirt.

Friday, August 19
When I came up to tuck the boys into bed, I found them cuddled together in the same chair in their room. I always love seeing them like this.

Sunday, August 21
Today we spent the day in Hot Springs. Super fun family day. Our primary reason for the 1 hour/15 minute trip was to check out the fairly new vegan restaurant. We walked away pleased!

Tornado always wants me to take silly pictures of him, and he really liked this pose. I would usually choose the picture of him smiling sweetly with his "Brownie Madness," but with respect to Tornado's favorite type of photo, I give you this one instead.

We walked around downtown for a little while, and the boys couldn't pass by the shop with the giant King Kong-like ape.

We also walked by one of the hot spring outlets and walked up the trail that looks over the city for awhile. This water is so hot that you can't leave your finger in it for more than a second.


Cary said...

So fun. That photo from the River Market is really cute. Also, I miss Hot Springs! I haven't been there since my days of skipping school to go to the horse races.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

What fun! They all look like they had a great time together.

Sheridan said...

Hey there fellow Arkansan! I just recently heard about the new vegan restaurant in Hot Springs! Drew and I hope to make a weekend trip to check it out soon. Glad we found each other via Bianca! Thanks for making the connection on here. I look forward to reading your blogs!