Sunday, November 2, 2008

Our Favorite Dog and Yours, Puddy

Great Aunt Patsy gave Tornado a wonderful set of Daily Journal Writing Prompts by Teacher Created Resources. There are books with pages for every day and month of the year. He doesn't write in them every day, though, so they are lasting us longer than a year. I was looking through one of his journals, and I thought this was a particularly sweet entry.

It reads, "My best friend is Puddy. I eat trail mix, and Puddy eats dog food. I drink milk, and he drinks water."

Puddy is my sister Cary and brother-in-law Andy's dog. He really is adorable, isn't he? Puddy was totally posing as I took these pictures. The kids love it when they get to visit with their cousin Puddy.

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Cary said...

Make me melt! If Puddy could talk, he would echo the love right back to your kids. Tell Finn that we'll be visiting for Thanksgiving! Thanks for posting this. Sometimes Puddy feels like no one out there cares.