Monday, July 18, 2011

Project: Something or Another

Apparently Project 365 has morphed into "remembering to take pictures every once in awhile and then getting really behind on posting them." Here's what I've got:

Monday, June 27-Friday July 1
Tornado had a wonderfully creative time at art camp this week. He attended everyday from 9-12. These mosaics were one of their projects completed in this history-based camp.

Some of his other projects included:
Cave drawings on brown paper - I believe he drew the two long white snakes.

Jackson Pollack


This was his castle made from recycled materials and tape. (He says its his piggy's new home; there are plenty of little rooms and cubbies for Piggy.) The teachers spray painted the other kids' castles...

...but Tornado told them he wanted to hand paint his castle and glue cut-out pictures on it. So that is what he did.

Friday, July 1-Sunday July 4
Friday afternoon, we headed to Illinois to visit Ryan's family for the weekend. This is how I discovered Dash and his cousin K one day. He was under the corner of the fold-out couch, playing his DS, and she crawled under there to watch him.

Thursday, July 7
Today I took the kids to see Mr. Popper's Penguins. Very cute and funny. And I got teary-eyed at the end. The kids have strange expressions because they were trying to smile into the sun.

Tuesday July 5 - Friday, July 8
It was Sissy's turn for art camp this week. I think she had a lot of fun, and they did some really great (ocean-themed) activities and projects with the kids. Here are some of them:

1) "Sea Life" made from sticking pipe cleaners and clay creatures into a cup of plaster
2) Sea Turtle, using glue and pastels, etc.

"Beach Scene" - with sand paper, strips of water colored paper, shells glued on, and a picture of Sissy in a beach chair

1) framed sealed plastic containing water (and maybe oil?) plus sea sparklies
2) ocean scene painted with tissue paper and colored foil cut-outs

Saturday, July 9
Today, we headed up to the Buffalo River (which is over an hour away). This is how Dash spent most of his time. There was a steady stream of canoers passing by, and many of them did double-takes, probably thinking (and some of them voicing), "Hey, is your kid alright?" He is all about the snorkeling.

It was a great day as we hadn't gotten to spend too many days swimming yet this year.

Tornado is enjoying his picnic lunch in the chair, which we rigged the umbrella onto.

Sunday, July 10
This is how my 6 year old came walking into the kitchen today - with circle craft magnets taped to his eyes.

July 14 or 15?
We made homemade playdough last weekend. Tornado found a how-to clay figures book at the library, and this has been a consistent activity all week.

Sunday, July 17
One of the kids' favorite activities is to get sprayed by Ryan while he is watering the flowers.

Monday, July 18
The boys have gotten to venture out on their own a little this month, attending "Adventure Camp" twice a week. I've enjoyed seeing little scenes of them being there for one another, sharing an experience together, and having one another's back.